Roadify Transit

Free real-time transit info, including bus, subway, train, metro and more, for 60+ US and Canadian cities.

“When will my ride be here?”
“Why is it late?”
“How do I get there?”

Roadify Transit answers riders’ three most important questions about urban navigation. We have the information in one place for subways, buses, trains, ferries, bike-sharing, car2go and more. Roadify provides real-time arrivals, schedules, maps and service alerts from official agency sources and other riders. One tap lets you see what’s going on with a single glance. Roadify Transit is live in more than 70 cities in the United States and Canada so you can use it at home and take it with you when you travel. 

– Find out real-time arrivals and schedules for all nearby subway, bus, train and other transportation options
– See maps with step-by-step directions
– Learn about service advisories in real time, including delays, route changes and planned work
– Get updates from other riders with on-the-spot information about what’s going on
– Complete information for more than 60 cities; no need to download new files or apps when you travel

Grand prize winner of BigApps 2.0; TechCrunch says, “Genius.”

“Hands down the best transportation app out there.”
“Very accurate and simple to use.”
“This is literally part of my body now. Can’t leave home without it.”